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Capturing Actual Day Wedding

The actual day ceremony and events of a couple’s wedding is one of the most important things in that couple’s lives and hence it is very important to focus on remembering it. Just like all important moments of your life, it is usually recommended that you capture at least photo or video memory of these special moments, so that years from now, you would be able to look back upon these beautiful memories and enjoy watching your actual day wedding photos and videos. That is why I recommend to other couples, and also personally getting both a wedding videographer and photographer for my actual day wedding events. It is so important to capture this special day. However, this does not mean getting a videographer or photographer from anywhere or getting a sub-par one. (I also do not recommend you to get your friend to take for you – I will explain further later).

When it comes to the actual day ceremony, it’s a no brainer. Most couples will automatically hire a wedding photographer. Hence, I think there is not much need for me to persuade you on the importance of that. However, also consider getting a bridal videographer or cinematographer. This is because there are many small little things and happenings that a photographer may not be able to capture, but a videographer can. You don’t want to miss out on these simple things such as your friends talking, your family members chatting or perhaps even you and your spouse laughing or telling jokes to each other.

Also, do not go for a sub-par quality photographer even if he or she is dirt-cheap. This is because you and your spouse are bound to argue and push the blame to each other in future when you look at the horrible photographs taken. That will result in bad memories – don’t let this happen to you. Always opt for quality – after all, just like your wife or husband, you only have that one opportunity to choose the right person for yourself… just like your wedding videographer and photographer!

Last but not least, why do I recommend not getting a friend to take photos or videos for you? This is because unless you want to risk spoiling that friendship, chances are, don’t do it. This is because your photographer friend may take amazing images of couples at their weddings. However, there are some shots which are not possible for every single wedding ceremony. Imagine your wedding is indoors, how do you expect your friend to take ‘soft, natural’ lighting shots of you just like he or she has taken for other couples at an outdoor wedding ceremony? Not possible – so make sure to keep this in mind before making decisions either way.

Pre wedding versus actual day photography

Wedding photography packages in Singapore consist of two main services:
1. Pre wedding photography services
2. Actual day wedding photography services

Pre wedding photography is the photo shoot that occurs pre wedding, or in another words, before the actual wedding event. At the pre wedding photo shoot, couples dress up in their wedding attire and poses deliberately for the camera. The purpose is to create a wedding album consisting of shots of the couple together, dressed in their beautiful wedding attire. This is to commemorate their beginning of marriage. The couple can choose the style they want their wedding photographs to show. For instance, they may want a more trendy look, thus choosing more trendy wedding attire (such as shorter wedding gowns) and striking trendy, young poses (such as raising 2 fingers in the air). Others may want a more traditional style and dress in their traditional wedding attire. The style is totally up to the couple to decide.

A pre wedding photo shoot can take place indoors (inside a photography studio), or outdoors like what Grandeur Wedding specializes in. Among the couple that choose outdoor pre wedding photography shoots, they will normally travel overseas for it. This is because there are much more beautiful scenic locations overseas to take wedding photographs at. Singapore cannot offer much scenic places to take wedding photographs. People may not want their wedding photographs to use the same locations as the others, thus, looking to more exotic places overseas.

As for actual day wedding photography, it is the photography that take place during the actual wedding event. During the wedding event, the wedding photographers will go around the ballroom taking pictures of both the guests, and the bride and groom. This is to commemorate the kind wishes of the guests for the newly wed and to capture this celebratory moment of the wedding. It is important to note that most of the photographs taken in the actual day photography are candid photos while all the photographs taken in the pre wedding photography session are all non-candid and deliberate photos.

Take A Wedding Video Too!

A typical wedding package will include wedding attire rental (including wedding gowns and wedding suits), wedding make-up services, bridal photography and wedding videography package in Singapore. These 3 items are usually bundled together and sold by one of the 3 parties – wedding photographers, wedding attire rental shop, or wedding make-up artists. They have tied up with one another to cross-sell customers this all-in-one wedding package.

Another item that is recently added by many into the wedding package is the videography service. The popularity of wedding videography in Singapore can be due to the mass marketing through the actual witnessing of wedding videos during wedding banquets, word-of-mouth, and online advertisements.

It is not surprising to see wedding videography service in Singapore getting so popular. Wedding video is so engaging and interesting. From the moment when they are played, the video emits a blissful and exciting atmosphere, captivating the viewers. Wedding video is a great tool to spread the love story of the couple, in multiple effects, using the combination of quality pictures and sounds. The memory of the wedding video will last for a long time. As opposed to reading a love story, you may forget its contents after some time. But for wedding video, you can remember some of the scenes and perhaps the song used inside the wedding video for a long time. Moreover, a lot of content can be delivered to the audience using the wedding video in a very short period of time. A 5 minutes wedding video will amply describe the whole love story, leaving the viewer in awe. Whereas, in order to receive the same content, the audience may need half an hour to read through it.

The creation of wedding video will consist of 3 stages – interview, actual videoing, and editing. During the first stage, “interview”, the wedding videographers will interview the couple of their love story and draft out the plot in the wedding video. It is also during this phase that the wedding videographers plan the whole plot for the wedding video and the means to shoot for the wedding video. During the next stage, “actual videoing”, the wedding videographers will carry out the videoing according to their plan. During the final stage, “editing”, the wedding videographers will make massive edits to the raw video to transform it into a cinematic film.

Working Well With Your wedding photographer

When people are researching about wedding photographers, they tend to focus on their portfolio and the prices of the wedding photography packages. This makes perfect sense as we want to make sure that the photographers are capable enough to produce outstanding images for their clients. One of the best evidence will be their portfolio. Looking at the wedding photographers will enable you to determine and compare their photography skills. Of course, the other consideration as mentioned, is the prices of the wedding photography packages. People want to get the best value for their money. If they feel that two wedding photographers’ skills are about the same, then the photographer offering the lower price often wins. That is why companies with top photographers and videographers at reasonable prices eg Grandeur wedding Studios are very popular among young couples in Singapore!

Apart from these two factors, I would like to introduce a third, crucial factor to consider before you engage a wedding photographer for your wedding photo shoot – determination of his/her personality and character.

Why should you interact with the bridal photographer first to determine his/her personality and character before deciding whether to choose him/her? The answer is really simple. A person who is able to produce quality work doesn’t mean he always will. He may be too sloppy at times. Meet up with him to discuss about your photography requirements, and take the chance to monitor his body language. Ensure that he is a person who is diligent and meticulous. This is a type of people that ensures consistency, and hence able to produce quality wedding photographs consistently. This is to avoid engaging bridal photographers who by luck or chance, is able to take good wedding photographs and include them inside his portfolio to entice people.

Furthermore, from the interaction with the professional photographer, you can see whether you and him can click well with each other, and work together smoothly. This is important as you and him will be working together closely on the wedding images, and require both your inputs and cooperation in order to make your photo shoot a success. For instance, if you are able to clique with him well, it will be highly possible that you and him will be more willing to share and discuss wedding ideas such as poses to make during the photo shoot, contributing to the success of the bridal photo shoot. If the wedding photographer is arrogant or unable to clique well with you, he may not take your ideas and insist on his own ideas. That will make you feel uncomfortable during the wedding photography process in Singapore.

Capturing Wedding Photographs Is Much Harder Than You Think!

If you have ever engaged a marriage photographer in Singapore, you will notice that the difference in quality of work between different wedding photographers is highly likely to be large. The wedding photographers’ photographs will be much more intense and captivating than the family photographs captured by the family photographer. This is because wedding photographers ie Grandeur Wedding Studio are on another level. There are different levels of professional photographers and those who are able to take great wedding photography shots, are worthy to be called the best out of the best in the photography industry. These photographers normally concentrate on the wedding photography industry as the wedding photography industry requires a higher photography skill set and is also much more lucrative than the other photography industries.

If you are going to engage a wedding photographer in Singapore, do take some time to appreciate the wedding photographer and give him credits for his work wherever possible. If you ever need to engage someone to take photographs of you again, the bridal photographer will most likely be the best candidate in your mind. Unless you are dissatisfied with his wedding photographs, you should go back to him again for future photography needs as quality is assured.

You may be interested to know how long it will take the wedding photographers to reach the level that they are now currently at. It depends on their photography talent. The more talented a photographer is, the less time he will take to be on the level worthy enough to take wedding photographs. I have heard that in Singapore, the least amount of time that a photographer has ever taken from the start of his photography journey to the commencement of wedding photography work full-time on a solo basis, is 3 months. He has a natural passion in wedding photography. During that 3 months, the photographer concentrated full-time in taking photographs where ever he goes, and indulge in researching about wedding photography.

Bridal Photography Or More?

Indeed, wedding photography will be one of the most memorable photography experiences one could experience in his or her life.

To many, wedding photography is a once-in-a-lifetime, sacred event between the couple. They will want to make the most out of it, and create the best wedding album for themselves. Due to this, wedding photography is actually a big and lucrative business as people are willing to spend for this rare event in their lives. People also spend thousands of dollars for their bridal gowns rental too. It is estimated that bridal photography is a multi-billion business in the world. A simple wedding photography package in Singapore will at least cost a thousand dollars. Packaged with wedding videography and perhaps the total cost for top quality photographers and videographers in Singapore can possibly be near to ten thousand dollars. For most couples, as quality is the top priority in their list, they do not mind spending these money. Wedding photography will be one of the most memorable photography that people take in our lives.

But are you going to stop at bridal photography? Will people continue to engage professional photographers for other types of photography?

Well, the answer is mixed as different people have their own thoughts and mindset – some may not find any other photography as exclusive as wedding photography and thus lost this main reason to engage professional photographers. Moreover, with the technology of smartphones and easy-to-use mass produced digital cameras, many people can actually take photographs on their own. For instance, we can take photographs ourselves when we are out on family outings and these photographs can form a family photo album. Even for family portraits, we can all stand together in front of a plain wall and take picture together. The need for professional photographer can be easily replaced for these less important photography.

For wedding photography, however, it requires a total level of skill to be able to capture beautiful wedding photo shots, and coupled with the fact that there is only one chance to do it right, most people do not leave it to chance and will need to hire professional wedding photographers to help them create their beautiful wedding photo album.

Engaging A Wedding Photographer

Of course, a wedding is a bride’s most important day of her life!

Of course it would be important and looking for a good wedding photographer is very important to ensure happiness. You strictly only want to engage a very professional wedding photographer in Singapore to take the images for your life long wedding album. You can’t possibly recreate a second wedding album, especially the one that shows the actual wedding day. Even if you go for a second wedding photo shoot to make up for the pre wedding photo album, the feeling and atmosphere will be totally different. You will not feel as excited and just going through the motion just to “repair” your wedding album. Why go through all these hassles when you can engage a good wedding photographer in Singapore to ensure a smooth and quality wedding photography experience?

There are definitely things and criteria which you should look out for when choosing a professional photographer for your special day.

1) Check out their portfolio

This will generally give you an indication to the style of the photographer. Every professional usually has a slightly unique style and see if it suits you. If it does and you believe he or she can bring out what you want, then go with him/her! Otherwise, do not proceed and instead, look elsewhere in the market for other wedding photographers’ portfolio.

2) Talk to the photographer before deciding – find out his or her character

Some people are naturally more assertive while others are more open to suggestions and passive. As this is your important day, you do not want an overly assertive photographer if he or she does not even bother listening to your ideas. However, you don’t want a limp fish as he or she would then be pretty much useless. You want someone who can suggest ideas, take yours into account and present the ideal solution.

I love Wedding Photography

As an amateur photographer, I sure do love wedding photographs the most.


It is the time where couples are happiest (usually :P) and they get to be really creative. It is a natural combination. When people are in their happy moments, their creative juices tend to come in fast and furious naturally. Moreover, everyone wish to give it their all to produce the best looking wedding album for themselves. Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most of us and we really treasure it and give our best to make everything go perfectly as we do not have a second chance to make up for it. I got mine from www.grandeurweddingstudio.com

Hence, wedding photography is usually much more interesting than other types of photography.

Couples take the time to think about what they want on top of what professional photographers suggest – this is in contrast with other types of people photographs where people spend less effort and time on it. For instance, people seldom suggest poses or styles on their own, but instead listen to the photographers’ advice when it comes to taking family portraits.

One of the main difference between bridal photography in Singapore and other types of photography is that couples and people actually dress up for such a marriage photo shoot event. Sometimes, people dress much more sloppily or ‘ugly’ for other types of photo shoots. When it comes to Singapore wedding photography, couples, especially the bride will have overflowing ideas for various kinds of photography styles and attire. It is usually the bride who will wear many different outfits during marriage photo shoot, as opposed to the groom who may be just wearing 1 to 3 sets of wedding attire. A standard suit is the most common for grooms to wear for wedding photography in Singapore.

I agree with the mass marketing’s thinking. Wedding is an important event in our life and we should do everything we can to make it go smoothly and seamlessly, not only for show to show off to other people, but for ourselves that we treasure the special moment to forge our wedding memories beautifully together, signifying a good start into the marriage.