383 – Davina & The Vagabonds – Sunshine

by A1 Mark on September 18, 2014


This weeks interview is with Davina from the band Davina & The Vagabonds.  This is a band with an old time sound that I can never get enough of.  Their new CD Sunshine is the best one so for. It’s a little more upbeat and more like the outstanding concerts they always give. Sit back and get ready to hear some great music.
Davina & The Vagabonds’ Website


382 – Alastair Greene – Trouble At Your Door

by A1 Mark on September 11, 2014


This weeks interview is with Alastair Greene, a new artist on the Delta Groove sister label Eclecto Groove. A label that brought us Jason Ricci, Ana Popovic, Nick Curran and Mike Zito. Yes this is a guy to keep your eyes on. Alastair will be talking about working on his new Blues-Rockin’ CD and you will get to hear five of the new songs. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot more from Alastair Greene.
Alastair Greene’s Website


381 – Nighthawks – 444

by A1 Mark on September 4, 2014


This weeks interview is with founding member of The Nighthawks, Mark Wenner, who does vocals and plays harmonica for the band.  Their new CD 444 is a really cool CD with a variety of style to please everyone.  Besides some really good songs like “Honky Tonk Queen”, “You’re Gone” and the swampy sounding “High Snake” there is the Nighthawks rocker “444”. This song alone should be a big hit for them.

Nighthawks’ Website


380 – Dave Fields – All In

by A1 Mark on August 28, 2014


I’m very happy to do another interview with Dave Fields. In 2012 I named his last CD Detonation as best Blues Rock CD of that year.  His new CD All In has a lot of great guitar playing with well-crafted songs. Some of the more impressive songs you’ll hear in this show are “Not Gonna Let You Get Away”, “Let’s Go Downtown” and “Voodoo Eyes”. This is a CD you’re really going to love so push play and let the fun begin.

Dave Fields Website
See this website of Dave Fields for some free music and to watch some of his videos. Cool Guy.


379 – Mannish Boys – Wrapped Up and Ready

by A1 Mark on August 21, 2014


This weeks interview is with Randy Chortkoff of The Mannish Boys who is also the President of Delta Groove Music.  As always The Mannish Boys have put out another great CD this time with 16 songs and quite a few original songs.  Randy will be talking about the history and members of the band.  He will also be talking about this very impressive label and some of the challenges it has been facing.

Mannish Boys’ Website

Delta Groove’s Website

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