388 – Missy Andersen – In The Moment

by A1 Mark on October 23, 2014


This weeks show is on Missy Andersen and her new CD In The Moment.  It’s hard to believe this is only Missy’s second CD, the last one come out way back in 2009.  With Missy’s rich full voice and well written songs we will be hearing a lot more from her in the future. Her husband Heine Andersen is originally from Denmark where he played guitar in different bands there.  Now they work together in the same band out of San Diego, Calf.

Missy Andersen’s Website


387 – Rob Stone – Gotta Keep Rollin’

by A1 Mark on October 16, 2014


This weeks interview is with harmonica player, vocalist and songwriter Rob Stone.  Rob’s new CD is called Gotta Keep Rollin’ It’s a fun blues CD with an all star band consisting of Eddie Shaw, John Primer, Henry Gray, Chris James, Patrick Rynn and the always impressive David Maxwell.  With veterans like these you know this is going to be a great CD.

Rob Stone’s Website



This weeks interview is with Alexis P. Suter.  I had never heard any of her music before but after just one listen to her new CD Love The Way You Roll I knew Alexis had to be on this show. She has a powerful voice that can do hard hitting blues rock or slow soulful blues.  Alexis also has a great story to tell about her life and her band The Alexis P. Suter Band.

Alexis P. Suter Band’s Website


385 – Dexter Allen – Bluez In My Soul

by A1 Mark on October 2, 2014


This weeks interview is with Dexter Allen about his new CD Bluez In My Soul.  This is a man who loves the blues masters of the past but wants to do his own style of blues. Push play and you will get to hear some wonderful music by Dexter Allen as well as hearing his own story in his own words.

Dexter Allen’s Website


384 – Janiva Magness – Original

by A1 Mark on September 25, 2014


This weeks interview is with multi blues award winner Janiva Magness. Her new CD Original in my opinion is the best CD she has ever made.  Janiva co-wrote most of the songs on this CD and sings them with the passion of an artist that really believes in what she has written.

Janiva Magness Website