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029 – Buck69 – Could Be The Best CD You Buy This Year

by A1 Mark on April 3, 2008

Buck69 has a cd called “When She Whispers Your Name”.
It is Blues Rock with flavors of Jazz, R and B, Southern Rock even some
Funk. The only thing this cd does not have is a boring song. Every song is an A1 first
class track. “Cold Wind” was the first song I heard by Buck69, it was
playing at their website. The very first thing I thought of was The
Allman Brothers back when they were doing “Live at Fillmore East” and
“Eat a Peach”. That sweet guitar sound of Duane Allman and Dickey Betts
is much like what Buzz Anderson does with his guitar on “Cold Wind”.
It’s not just Buzz though, it’s the whole band. The mood is set just right
and the feel is there. Dave Alan lays down a simple but important drum beat
just enough to move you along. The rhythm guitar is gentle and the vocals
are not overpowering. With the musicianship Buck69 has they could
easily over play this song but they don’t. They all work together to
make the song shine. Now we have all heard bands try to sound like The
Allman Brothers and some like Buck69 do a great job of it. This is
just one of the many lovely faces of Buck69. Tom Clawson the lead
singer/songwriter/visionary wonted the cd “When She Whispers Your
Name” not to have every song sound the same. Tom did a great job of
that because the other songs do not sound like the Allman Brothers they
have there own style. Most of the songs are grounded in Blues and
Blues Rock but from there they can go anywhere (as before stated Jazz,
R and B, Funk).

Buck69 - photo Live Feb 17, 2008

When first playing the cd I was amazed how I could get into every song
the very first time. That first weekend I played Buck69 over and over
again, at first to get to know it better, then later because there was
nothing I’d rather hear.

Tom Clawson was playing guitar back in the seventies in bars and
hitchhiked around the country. After getting out of the military he
got a degree in business management and raised a family. Years latter
his son Alex wanted them to start a band. So Tom hand picked all the
musicians from other bands to do this cd. There is a total of eight
musicians in this band, each one is a professional in their field. Tom
wrote most of the songs and paid to have the cd made. When Tom took
the cd to Sony they told him it was to eclectic, they could not place
it neatly in one category. So he went out on his own to sell the cd.
At this point the cd is being bought and played on radio stations
around the world.

Tom Clawson from Buck69 before a concert

From the very first song “T- Town” you know you’re in for a real treat.
Just like the lyrics say “you can feel it in your bones”, everybody is
in full swing putting out their best sound. The next song is the title
track “When She Whispers Your Name”, nice
blues dance song, good harmonies, and a good beat. “Misery” and “Risk It All”
keep this nice groove going throwing in good vocals to go with the
music. Not to men-chen some fine keyboard playing. You already know
about “Cold Wind” and it’s southern blues sound. “Sometimes” starts
off soft but don’t let that fool you, this is a killer song and when
Buzz goes into his 2nd guitar solo in as many songs you know you have
found another most underrated guitars. Again he turns in an A1
scorching solo.

“Sex Drugs Ur Mom and Me” takes it up another notch with this great
Rocker. Tom said he wanted to think of something that would be even
worse than your wife coming home and finding you with another woman.
Looks like he found it. “Sweet Spot” is kind of a Funky Rocker with a
nice work out on the wah-wah pedal. “Good Days Bad Days” is a slower
song to give you a chance to catch your breath. Alex steps in to
show you that he also has some good guitar licks to show off also.
Special guest John Sevilla steps in on lead guitar on the next two
songs. “Someone like Me” is a nice blues’ song with a hint of jazz
thrown in. Next is the old Slim Harpo (James Moore) song “I’m A King
Bee” you may know this from the Muddy Waters, Lou Rawls, Graterful
Dead, or even the first Rolling Stones record. Whoever you have heard
it from, with maybe the exception of Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush,
you have never heard a guitar player tear into this song like John
Sevilla does. Then he turns around and plays a soft beautiful lead just
to turn around again and rip it up. The band is tight with good
support both for John’s guitar and Tom’s strong vocals. The next
track has the band pounding away at the “Monkey Song”. This blues
rocker you may have heard on Johnny Winters cd “I’m A Blues Man” (2004).
Johnny does it more as a country blues song and as always does an
exceptional job. It’s hard for any band to try and pull off a song
that has been done by one of Texas greatest blues rockers of all
times. Buck69 with their upbeat slick full band sound does a great
job of the “Monkey Song”. Once again Alex shows us his great lead
guitar skills with some outstanding riffs. Now if that is not enough
there is one last song, “The Best Place”. Alex and Buzz both do lead
guitar solos. The rythmn section of Dave Alan on drums with Todd Ovall
on bass is really cooking and let’s not forget BJ Love’s tickling of
the ivories. This song alone could be a mammoth hit. This cd should be
in every record collection. Buck69′s “When She Whispers Your Name”
could be the best cd you buy this year. What are you waiting for? There

are links below to take you to the place to get this great cd.

Alex Clawson - from Buck69 - Photo live

The songs played on the podcast:
1. T-Town
2. Misery
3. Sex Drugs Ur Mom & Me
4. Sometimes
5. The Best Place

Buck69 is:
Tom Clawson – Singer-Songwriter-Guitarest
Alex Clawson – Rythem, Lead Guitar
Buzz Anderson – Lead Guitar
BJ Love – Keyboards
Dave Alan – Drummmer
Todd Ovall – Bass
Candise Coleman – Vocals
Pam Berger – Harmonies

Buck69 Website

MySpace page

Go to CD Baby Website
To buy Buck69 cd When She Whispers Your Name

See the new video of “Sometimes

Buck69 - When She Whispers Your Name (cd cover)

Buck69 – Could Be The Best CD You Buy This Year

I would like to thank Tom Clawson for taking the time to talk to me
about his band Buck69.

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