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048 JW-Jones Swingin Rockn Hoppin Jumpin Blues

by A1 Mark on August 14, 2008

A1 Artist Spotlight.Com did a phone interview JW-Jones about his new CD Bluelisted. Listen to the Podcast with the interview and music of JW-Jones. A very talented guitarist that has a real hop to his music.
Bluelisted Session
From the very moment JW picked up the phone and said “hi Mark how’s it going”. I knew he was going to be a fun interview. JW has a real friendly way of making you feel like you’re talking to an old friend. JW stands for Josh Wynne, he’s 27 years old and lives in Canada. JW got into the blues through some friends of his. Starting off with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. This was around 1995 when he saw B.B. King live. Like so many of us he too realized these artists were drawing from other artists before them. JW started his journey through artist like The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Little Charlie & the Night Cats, Rusty Zinn, Rick Holmstrom, then back to B.B. King, Hubert Sumlin, and T-Bone Walker. JW- Jones decries his music as traditional blues but with a lot of energy. Taking old school traditional styles and changing it up with some new things but not so far that it’s no longer blues. In the past JW has had the good fortune to work Kim Wilson (The Fabulous Thunderbirds) on two of JW’s CDs.
JW-Jones w-The Fabulous Thunderbirds 2001
JW- Jones with The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Now this time around JW has taken it up a notch with adding two other great guitarists besides his own substantial talent on the guitar. Little Charlie Baty formally of Little Charlie & the Night Cats plays guitar on five tracks. For the first time on record Charlie plays harmonica on one of the other tracks. Junior Watson is the other guitarist JW got to play on his new CD Bluelisted. Junior Watson was a founding member of Ron Piazza & The Mighty Flyers and was in the band for about eleven years. He has also worked with Jimmy Rogers, Big Mama Thornton, Charlie Musselwhite and even joined Canned Heat for a few years. Let’s not forget the rhythm section bass guitarist on Bluelisted, Larry Taylor. Larry played on some songs by, dare I say, The Monkees and also he was a member of Canned Heat. Larry played Monterey Pop Festival and Woodstock, the big one. Richard Innes is the drummer for one of the hottest blues bands out there today, the Mannish Boys. As you can see JW-Jones has one heck of a band for his new CD Bluelisted.

Little Charlie with JW Junior Watson with JW
To me Bluelisted is blues with a little bit of fifties rock and swinging jazz. Blues is always in the forefront but you can’t help but hear the other styles work it’s way in and out of the songs. JW said a lot of people think the blues are a slow boring music. He would like them to see there is a lot more to blues than a slow song. Bluelisted is upbeat body shaking music. If you want a slow teary eyed song you’ve come to the wrong place. This may get the tears out of you by way of dancing and having a party. JW-Jones opens Bluelisted with “Double Eyed Whammy”, a good upbeat song with three first rate guitarists. JW confessed he does not know what a double-eyed whammy is but who cares on this blues rocker. “Looking the World Straight in the Eye” is a little more laid back but has a strong beat. JW changed the lyrics in the studio from third party to first party perspective. The song is about how a lot of people seem so fake, kind of like they’re looking through you when your talking to them and not really paying attention to what you’re saying. “Can’t Play a Playboy”, “Mad About You” and “Somebody’s Got to Burn” are more upbeat fun songs. “Heavy Dosage” is a kind of bebop, swing jazz sounding instrumental. This is not a style I would normally be into but when it grabbed me it got played about three times in a row. Still this is probably one of my favorite songs on Bluelisted. Little Charlie (LC), Junior Watson (JR) and JW-Jones (JW) all taking solo’s through the song. When you listen to the podcast check this list to see who is playing the solo.
“Heavy Dosage” solos:
JW, LC, JR trading 4′s
Larry Taylor’s bass solo
I greatly thank Northernblues Music and whoever made their notes on this CD. The information on who plays on what song and even where in the song is in the notes. I would like to see this on all CDs. The only thing I did not like was the text is a little on the small side for my eyes.
What “Out of Service Blues” may be always remembered for is the great harmonica playing of Little Charlie Baty. JW said this is the only song Charlie has ever recorded his harp playing on. It’s really a shame because the harp really fits this song, Charlie really knows what and where to play it. Hope he does this a lot more. What this song should be remembered for is the cool grove the band is in. Junior Watson adds a very nice guitar solo too. “Bogart Bounces Again” is an up dated version of a very popular song by, who else JW-Jones from his 2002 CD Bogart Bounces. This is the second and last instrumental on Bluelisted as you would guess it has a lot of electric guitars, very good. “Silent Treatment” and “Tickets on Yourself” are the last two songs on Bluelisted, both very good songs to end a CD on. “Tickets on Yourself” is my other contender for best song on Bluelisted. One problem I had with this song was I could never figure out what main line “you’ve got tickets on yourself” meant. JW explained Oh, listen to the podcast he’ll explain it there. It’s such a cool saying I’ll be using it now. Bluelisted did take me a little time to get into but once I did it was well worth it. Some songs are better than others as the case with most records but there are no so-so or bad songs. I picked out what I feel are the highlights of the Bluelisted to talk about, you may find more.
JW-Jones and his band are on tour almost all the time. Be sure to check them out when they come to your town. JW says they put on a high-energy show, with songs like these I can see why.
JW- Jones with Michael Burks
JW with our good friend Michael Burks
Songs in the podcast:
Looking the World Straight in the Eye
Heavy Dosage
Out of Service Blues
Tickets on Yourself
Guitar solo of the week is: “Bogart Bounces Again”
JW-Jones - CD cover Blueslisted
JW-Jones Website, you can buy the CD here
JW-Jones MySpace
More about JW-Jones at Northernblues Music, you can buy the CD here too
Check out Northernblues Music for other great blues artist like Moreland & Arbuckle, Mac Arnold, Homemade Jamz Blues Band and everyone’s favorite, Watermelon Slim & the Workers.
I would like to thank Northernblues Music, Michael McClune Media & Mktg. and of course our star JW-Jones for making this show possible.


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