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056 – Nick Moss – Play It Til’ Tomorrow

by A1 Mark on October 9, 2008

Congratulations to Nick Moss & the Flip Tops, The Blues Foundation has nominated them for a 2009 Blues Music Award in the category of “Band of the Year”.
Also congratulations to Gerry Hundt of the band for “Instrumentalist-Other” category (Mandolin).

Hear Nick Moss talk about his CD’s Play It Til’ Tomorrow plus some great songs from this double CD.Play It Til’ Tomorrow is the sixth CD for Nick Moss & the Flip Tops. They have been putting out CD’s since 1998 with just about everyone raving about them or nominating them for awards.
Buddy Guy said Nick Moss is a local favorite at his club and Nick works hard to please the audience.


Nick Moss photo

Nick’s older brother Joe bought Nick a bass and amplifier when he was about 12 years old. His brother got tired of Nick playing around with his guitar and said, learn this I need a bass player. Nick learned the bass and played in his older brother’s band. The year before going to college he was diagnosed with kidney problems. This kills his promising opportunity of going to college on a football or wrestling scholarship. After seeing Little Charlie & The Nightcats in a small club in Chicago Nick decided this was what he wanted to do for a living. Nick got a part time job playing bass in his brother’s band and was going to a lot of jams on the other nights. A friend passed his name to Jimmy Dawkins who needed a bass player. Nick joined Jimmy’s band not even knowing how important of a blues artist Jimmy Dawkins was. Later on Nick moved to The Legendary Blues Band with Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith who had played drums for Muddy Waters. Willie asked Nick to change from bass to guitar after one of the guitarists had quit the band. Nick had already been playing around with the guitar so he was ready to play. He got so good on the guitar that not long after this he was asked to join Jimmy Rogers’ band. Their first gig was at the W.C. Handy Awards, needless to say Nick was a little nervous that night. After three years with Jimmy Rogers Nick decided he wanted to have his own band. By the late nineties Nick Moss & the Flip Tops were playing all over Chicago.

Moss & the Flip Tops’ CD’s
1998 First Offense
2001 Got a New Plan
2003 Count Your Blessings
2005 Sadie Mae
2006 Live at Chan’s
2007 Play It ‘Til Tomorrow

Nick Moss live at BB's 10-09-08

Nick Moss & the Flip Tops current CD Play It Til’ Tomorrow is a double disc. Disc one is their standard electric blues sound. Of the fourteen tracks on disc one, eleven are by Nick with the other three being:
Woman Don’t Lie – Luther “Snake” Johnson
Bad Avenue – Walter Williams
Rising Wind – Floyd Jones

The first song “Late Night Saint”, has a good solid steady beat that gets you in sync with the band. “You Make Me So Angry”, “Greasy Fire”, and “Rump Bump” are all faster moving with the last two being instrumentals. Nick really plays good blues harp on “Peculiar Feeling” and Floyd Jones’ “Rising Wind”. “Mistakes from the Past” is a mid-tempo blues song with great lead guitar playing. This may be in the podcast as the Guitar Solo of the Week but then again I was going to use “Rump Bump”. Decisions decisions, too many good songs and this is only the first disc. On “Herman’s Holler” I’m not sure which I like better, Willie Oshawny’s piano playing or Nick’s lead guitar playing, oh well they’re both enjoyable.

Disc two is an unplugged yet upbeat and diverse sounding disc. “You’ve Got the Devil Inside” is a boogie shuffle. Nick got the idea for the lyrics from looking at a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. “We’ve Got the Devil Inside” was written on the vacuum cleaner, Nick liked the line and changed it a little to be in the song. Gerry Hundt puts down his bass to play harp on “You’ve Got the Devil Inside”, “I’ll Be Straight With You”, “Another Life Is Gone”, “Married Woman Blues”, “It’s Written in the Bible”, and “Slim’s Lament”. All the songs really sound good but Gerry’s tasteful playing on “Slim’s Lament” is outstanding. “Fill’er Up” is a nice instrumental with Nick on guitar and Gerry on harp and the two of them sound so good together.

Nick Moss live at BB's 10-09-08

Disc two is so cool like you’re walking down a street in Chicago. Each song is like you’ve poked your head into a different bar during different eras because they each have a different style of blues. One thing they have in common, the players are playing their hearts out giving the song everything they can. To be honest each and every song is not completely different from each other but a lot of them are. The styles of blues flow together with each other very nicely. I could go on and on about the songs but you should listen to the podcast to hear what they are like. Better yet buy Play It Til’ Tomorrow this two CD set will keep you entertained for years to come. Nick Moss & the Flip Tops have really out done them selves this time.

The Band is:
Nick Moss – guitar, harp, lead vocals
Willie Oshawny – keyboard, bass, guitar
Gerry Hundt – bass, guitar, harp, and mandolin
Bob Carter – drummer (Nick said he a great piano player but is not playing on the CD)

Songs in the podcast:
It’s Written in the Bible – (part of alternate take part of the main take)
You’ve Got the Devil Inside
I’ll Be Straight with You
You Make Me So Angry
Peculiar Feeling

Guitar Solo of the Week: “Mistakes from the Past”

Nick Moss CD covers

Nick Moss & the Flip Tops Website

Nick Moss & the Flip Tops MySpace page

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