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060 – Eric Jerardi Band – Restless

by A1 Mark on November 6, 2008

Hear an interview with Eric Jerardi as well as songs from his CD Restless.
Eric talks about recording a CD in just two and a half days, as well as how he got started.


Eric Jerardi Band Live
Like many other famous blues artists, Eric started playing piano first. He later switched over to the guitar which he is known for. He played sports while in high school, but his real passion was music. While in college he played in many bands. His first gig won him a battle of the bands. After winning another battle of the bands in 1991, he was awarded the Midwest Best Unsigned College Band on MTV. He has opened for many big named bands, including several tours with Robin Trower. The Eric Jerardi band has been releasing CDs since 1995 and has 6 out so far.
Eric Jerardi Band Live
What first got me interested in Eric Jerardi’s CD was his style of blues-rock. It reminds me of Robin Trower in his hay days. The songs are a little more rock and ruffer than Robin Trower. Eric’s lyrics tell more easy to follow stories that have a bit of humor in them. This is not to say that he is telling jokes though. Most of them are angrier or bitter about lost love. The songs “My Dog,” “Easy to Love Easy to Hate,” and “Self Defense” are good examples of this. “Easy to Love Easy to Hate” has a good guitar solo that is somewhat faster and more angry sounding. Then just as the solo ends, Eric plays some slow beautiful cords that make you feel completely relaxed. The whole feel of the song changes in just a few cords, it’s very nicely done. The music to “Goin Through the Motions” is kind of a joyful romp, even though the lyrics would not suggest that. Still it’s a good song. The instrumental “Kaboom” is just that, an explosion, of cool guitar playing. I hope Eric does an extended version of this in concert. It’s really a great song. The song writing is good, the band sounds nice together, and guitar playing is awesome. The singing is kind of like a Robin Trower record, its all right, but it’s not what you came to hear. The CD has a lively powerful, raw feeling to it. This may be one of the best things about the CD. Restless sounds like a real blues-rock band should sound. Not full of over dubs, extra instruments thrown in, and so polished and slick they no longer have any heart to them. This is a fine CD that the Eric Jerardi Band has made. Please pick up a copy of Restless, and you will have a CD full of real guitar based rockin-blues. Below is a link to were you can buy Restless.
Eric Jerardi Band

The Eric Jerardi Band is:
Eric Jerardi – guitar & vocals
Jon Arnold – bass
Joe Prescott – drums

Songs in the podcast are:
My Dog
Don’t Bring the Bail
Get Back

Eric Jerardi CD covers

Eric Jerardi’s CD:
2007 – Restless
2002 – Virtual Virtue
2001 – Live 1996-2001
1998 – Had Enough
1997 – Live 1997
1995 – Eric Jerardi Band

Eric Jerardi Band Website

Eric Jerardi Band MySpace

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