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066 – Rick Fowler – Back On My Good Foot

by A1 Mark on December 18, 2008

Listen to Rick Fowler talk about how one of his early bands landed him on MTV. Rick talks about his new CD Back On My Good Foot, one of the best blues rock CDs you’re going to hear this year. You will also hear 4 songs from Back On My Good Foot.

Rick Fowler Cymbel
Rick grew up in the southern part of the United States in the state of Georgia. Playing in many cover bands from the late 60’s through the 70’s. In the 80’s Rick was in a band called Fortnox, which got a record deal with Epic Records. Their song “Storm Inside My Head” was in MTV’s top 20 play list in 1982 and can still be seen on You Tube. Unfortunately Epic Records kept pushing them to sound like Judas Priest and other bands like that of the time. While Rick said he liked those bands that was not what they wanted to play. Rick moved on to the band Bombay, in 1984. He got record producer Eddie Offord who had worked with Yes and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer to producer their 5 track EP. They became the winner of MTV’s Basement Tapes (April 1985). This was a show that spotlighted unsigned bands. Rick played in Europe and worked on other people’s records before moving back to Georgia. Rick has put out a couple solo records and has worked with many, many other artists over the years.
Rick Fowler Les Paul
In 2008 Back On My Good Foot was released by Rick Fowler on Jammates Records. This is some of the best British blues rock you are going to hear with out going back to the late sixties early seventies bands. Raw blues rock, strong guitar base, never boring, or over indulging solos. The music is always the focus, with good lyrics that tell easy to understand stories. Adding to that authentic sound is the Hammond Organ always giving the songs more depth. Back On My Good Foot starts off with “Infected with the Blues,” a great song you should already know if your radio station is doing their job. “Skeletons in Your Closet” drops down from the past blues rock to a nice acoustic stomping introduction that kicks in about half way into the first verse. A good stomping beat with the Hammond fills in very nicely as it will continue to do on the very beautiful “Feel So Much Better.” This is great slow blues song with feeling. Something you may think would fit into Eat A Peach by fellow Georgian band The Allman Brothers. This is not to say this CD sounds like the Allmans just that this one song has that very beautiful soft slow style that Eat A Peach possessed. Rick wrote “Back On My Good Foot” with Harold Baggett who happens to have just one leg from an old motorcycling accident. Harold had jammed with some of the old blues artist like Lightnin’ Hopkins when he was young. Then pretty much introduced Rick to the blues and toughened him a lot when they were in a band together. “Preacher” is one of the songs that has been getting good radio play along with “Feel So Much Better,” “Skeletons in Your Closet,” and “Infected with the Blues.” “Preacher” has a catchy riff that runs through out the song with nice brakes for guitar and organ. Rick talks about and we play “Walk Softly”, “Running from the Truth” and “Road to Nowhere” in the show so I’ll skip them. That brings us to another song Rick and Harold Baggett wrote “Hitchhiking”. This is a haunting stripped down acoustic song about standing alone on the side of the road. Waiting perhaps for a hell bound train. Yes, Savoy Brown’s “Hellbound Train” closes Back On My Good Foot. The nearly ten-minute song delivers everything Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown did on their legendary record over 25 years ago.

For me Rick Fowler’s Back On My Good Foot is one of those rare finds of the type of music I love so much but so few people are doing now. Many people seem fine with the re-re-released versions of some old band but I prefer to find someone new who can play that style but with new songs. Not only will I be enjoying Back On My Good Foot for years to come I’ll be keeping my eye on Rick Fowler for up coming records. Below are links to where you can buy this great British blues-rock CD, by all means give this to a friend for Christmas you will make their day (or yours, you deserve it ).

Play order of songs:
“Road to Nowhere”
“Running from the Truth”
“Walk Softly”
“Infected with the Blues”

Rick Fowler CD Covers

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Note: there is a CD called Chase of Smoke by a country artist with the same name, Rick Fowler. Don’t want you to buy something you may not like.

I would like to thank Rick Fowler for taking the time to let me interview him for this show.
Also thanks to Jammates Records for letting Rick make the record he wanted to make. In doing so they have released a great CD.


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