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067 – Back Door Slam – Roll Away

by A1 Mark on December 25, 2008

Hear the interview with Davy Knowles of Back Door Slam. Davy talks about growing up on the Isle of Man, their new CD Roll Away and about the first tour of the U.S. You’ll also hear songs from the CD Roll Away.

Back Door Slam - Live photo

Backs Door Slam is a new three peace band out Great Britain to be more prosaic the Isle of Man. The same place another trio called the Bee Gees were from. Unlike the Bee Gees who spent many years refining their sound before heading to the states Back Door Slam have made it over in recorded time. The band consist of Davy Knowles (guitarist, vocalist, and song writer), Ross Doyle (drums), and Adam Jones on bass guitar. Davy’s dad’s extensive recorded collection gave Davy the opportunity to hear many different artist and styles of music as he was growing up. The song that caught Davy’s attention the most was “Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits. From there he started really listening to music and started learning how to play his dad’s acoustic guitar. Some of the artists Davy remember listening to were John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Rory Gallagher, and Steve Winwood. Later he started getting into singer song writers like James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. In 2003 the band was formed how ever an early set back came a year later when rhythm guitarist Brian Garvey died in an auto accident. Back Door Slam pushed on as a trio playing the warm up act for many bands including The Who. In 2007, they recorded their first CD Roll Away. They have just come off an 18 month tour that ended with three weeks of opening for Gov’t. Mule.
Back Door Slam - Live photo
Roll Away is a combination of electric rock-blues and roots/country-blues with some acoustic playing. The first three songs are fast pace electric rock-blues that should definitely be getting airplay. “Come Home” and “Heavy on My Mind” you’ll hear in the show as well hearing Davy talk about them. So lets move on to “Outside Woman Blues” the only song not written by Davy Knowles on this CD. You will most likely know this from Cream’s 1967 record, Disraeli Gears, however Blind Joe Reynolds is the author of it. Back Door Slam has chosen to take the lead from the Cream version. While this could be very risky to try and pull off a song Cream did they seem to have no problems doing it. “Stay” is a very beautiful acoustic song about loosing two of his friends in a car accident. “Too Late” is kind if a country-rock song that Davy wrote when he was on holiday a few years ago without a guitar. He made friends with a French gypsy that was hanging around the hotel bar. Lucky for us he would let Davy borrow his guitar and this song was born. “Takes a Real Man” and “It’ll All Come Around” are both good rockers, with some good guitar solos near the end. Hopefully on their next record there will be a little more of Davy’s soloing. “Too Good For Me” is a nice laid back song that Davy demonstrates his skills on slid guitar, very nice. “Roll Away” is a very nice striped down acoustic song. You could imagine someone sitting out on the porch playing this. Back Door Slam’s CD Roll Away is very impressive for their first outing. Whether it’s a blues-rocker like “Come Home” or the beautiful slow blues of “Gotta Leave” this band has a lot to offer. After all the touring they have been doing the next record they are getting ready to make soon should be even better. Please if you like this CD get out and pick it up. Below are some links to where you can buy the CD.
Back Door Slam - Davy - photo
Songs in the show:
Real Man
Heavy on My Mind
Gotta Leave
Come Home
Back Door Slam - CD Cover

Back Door Slam’s Website (buy the CD here too)

Back Door Slam’s MySpace

You can buy the CD from iTunes.com, Amazon.com, or Best Buy.

I would like to thank Davy for taking time from his well deserved break to talk to me. Thanks also to Sharon over at W3 Public Relations she has been a lot of help in putting everything together.


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