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081 – Brandon Santini – The Devil Had A Woman

by A1 Mark on April 2, 2009

Because of a trademark problem over the name of this band I’m no longer able to post their name. From now on it will just be referred to as Brandon Santini who is the leader of the band.


Congratulations to Brandon Santini, The Blues Foundation has nominated his band for a 2009 Blues Music Award in the category of “Best New Artist Debut” for the CD The Devil Had a Woman.

Hear the interview with Brandon Santini, harmonica player, vocalist, and songwriter for this great blues band.


Brandon Santini started playing the harp when he was 15 years old. This came about after hearing John Popper of Blues Traveler playing harp. This also got Brandon into Paul Butterfield, Little Walter, Kim Wilson, and Junior Wells. In next few years he played in several different bands. Justin Sulek had been playing guitar in different bands also, which is how he met Brandon. The two became friends while playing in different North Carolina bands. Justin’s interest in music was more tuned to guitar players like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, and R.L. Burnside. In 2003, Justin wanted his band to move to Memphis but the other members were not interested. Brandon ran into Justin one day, and thought moving to Memphis was a good idea, so off they went. After several rhythm sections they found one they really liked. As you will be able to hear in the show this is the ideal band.

They call their music high octane. Listening to their CD The Devil Had A Woman you will hear different styles of blues mixed within the CD. Styles like Mississippi Hill Country, Memphis, Delta, Chicago, and West Cost Blues. They all work together very nicely to make up what I’m calling an electric deep-south blues sound. Most bands that try something like this come off with more of a blues-rock sound. The Devil Had A Woman is electric, but it is not rock. It’s blues all the way. Justin’s guitar playing is very good, but not always the main focus of the songs. There is plenty of room for other instruments to share the spotlight. Brandon’s harp is really keeping the songs grounded in the blues. His voices really works perfect with the sound the band has created. Two of the big surprises are the keyboard players. Victor Wainwright on piano, and Chris Stephenson on organ. Both are special guests on the CD. I could not imagine how Brandon Santini would sound with out the great sounds they add to this record. Brandon said he is hoping that they will be able to afford to have them tour with them this year. As you know, last year was very hard on blues artists trying to tour with the very high price of gas. Let’s hope this works out. The CD consists of ten original songs written by Justin or Brandon or by both of them. There are no filler songs on The Devil Had A Woman, every song is good. This will be interesting to see who will win the 2009 Blues Music Awards for Best New Debut Artist. With Chris James & Patrick Rynn, Homemade Jamz Blues Band, and Brandon Santini one thing is for sure the listeners will be the real winners this year.

Below is a link to where you can buy Brandon Santini’s The Devil Had A Woman. If this is what their next CD is going to be like we will be seeing them up for the Album of the Year, not just Best New Debut Artist, next year and for years to come.

Brandon Santini’s Website

Brandon Santini’s MySpace

Go to Buy Brandon Santini’s The Devil Had A Woman CD

Thanks to Jenn Ocken for the photos

Thanks to Sara at Washboard Productions for all her help.


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