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091 – Paul Mark & the Van Dorens – Blood and Treasure

by A1 Mark on June 11, 2009

Hear the interview with Paul Mark and music from his CD Blood and Treasure.

What would you get if you mixed a little bit of William Shakespeare, or maybe Douglas Adams, with a little of Bob Dylan, and a nice helping of Groucho Marx? You just might get Paul Mark a man who’s got a lot of things to say. Paul has the best consecutive lyrics for an entire CD of any one I have heard since… well, when was the last really great lyrical record? What is so cool is the lyrics have an over all truth but to get to it you have to go through some pretty amusing stories. A good example is the first song, “Everything is Nothing.” Paul explains how everything in the world seems unimpressive next to the girl he is in love with.
“The Redwood forest, that’s just a patch of sticks
The Taj Mahal that’s nothing but a stack of bricks
And today’s headlines sure sound like old news
Everything is nothing after you”

Then there is the song “Feed the Machine” where Paul says
“My tin-eared neighbor knocked on my door
And said my guitar playing was a crime
I asked him were does a fool
Learn to talk like he’s cool?
He said I read it in the New York Times”

Now I know these may sound a little less impressive with out the music but when the music is there it’s magic. The music of Paul Mark & the Van Dorens is pretty much an American roots sound. A fifties rock, with some country, a little blues, and their own unique blending of styles. I know this is a blues show, but I hope you are open minded enough to listen to other kinds of music if they are really good. Paul Mark & the Van Dorens are one of those other great bands. You’ll hear a song in the show called “Wrong Pair of Shoes,” about how he will do all these incredible things for a girl but right now he can’t do this because he has the “Wrong Pair of Shoes” on. If you listen closely in one part you will hear the theme song to The Flintstones. On the song “Extraordinary Measures,” he accompanies his piano playing with a mournful voice. He explains
“Extraordinary times mean extraordinary measures
Morning coffee is stirred with blood and treasure
We’ll claim to see diamonds in a handful of dirt
And keep light from all our dreams”

I wish there was time to tell you about all their songs. Everything about the CD Blood and Treasure; the music, the lyrics, and the artwork. Everything is good. In the credits he lists the record label he started as Radiation Records. Their slogan is “Confusing Music With Something Bigger.” The publishing company is Last Warning Music. This is the kind of stuff you use to find in a George Harrison record. If you took the time to read what was there you were rewarded.

Please go by Paul Mark & the Van Dorens’ Website and buy Blood and Treasure. When ever you have a bad day just play Blood and Treasure. Your problems won’t go away but you will feel much better.

One last lyric to leave you with from “I’m Still High”
“Woke up this morning
And brushed my teeth with Ben Guy
Splashed down my half-shaved face with Listerine
Lost ten minutes in the driveway cussing out Henry Ford
Trying to start the car with my front door key

Took out that patch of Mrs. Whatsername’s roses
Dodging a devil squirrel that took me by surprise
The police keep asking’
How come you ran them red lights?
Pardon me, sir, I’m still high”

For more, buy Blood and Treasure and have a great time.

Songs used in the show are:
Everything is Nothing
Don’t Get Me Started
Lotta Things To Say
Feed The Machine
I’m Still High
Wrong Pair of Shoes

Paul Mark & the Van Dorens’ Website

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This is all-acoustic guitar with no-vocals.

Thanks to Paul Mark for not only making a really fun record but also taking the time to do a really fun interview.
A1 Mark
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