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095 – Nick Moss – Live at Chan’s Combo Platter No. 2

by A1 Mark on July 9, 2009

This week you get to hear an interview with Nick Moss, of Nick Moss & the Flip Tops. Nick will be talking about their new CD Live at Chan’s Combo Platter No. 2 and as always you will be hearing songs from the new CD.

Nick Moss was with us back in Oct of 2008 talking about his double CD, Play It Til’ Tomorrow. At that time Nick gave us the background on how he got started in music, so this time were going to spend most of the time talking about the new CD Live at Chan’s. To hear the past show click here.
Nick Moss and the Flip Tops recorded their first live CD in 2006 called Live at Chan’s. They were so pleased with the results of that they went back to Chan’s for a second helping. The Blues Music Awards were so pleased with the CD that they nominated the first Live at Chan’s for “Album of the Year” and “Traditional Album of the Year.”
This new one is every bit as good as the last one. Like the last one, it’s really nice to hear almost all-new songs by the band. While there are some cover songs, they are ones this band has never covered on a record before. There is also a special guest appearance by the Chicago blues guitarist Lurrie Bell on the last four songs. It’s about 35 minutes of Nick and Lurrie trading licks on songs like “Five Long Years”, “Don’t You Lie To Me,” and Willie Dixon classic “I’m Ready”. Lurrie also sings on the before mentioned songs. Another guest that helps add depth to the band is Nick’s wife, Kate Moss, on bass. Kate’s does a very good job of holding down the bottom end. As Nick says in the interview, this frees up some hands giving him and Gerry more opportunity to play harmonica on songs.

When you get done listening to this weeks show be sure to go by their website see if they are coming to a town near you. This is a band you really need to see live. Besides getting to see the band members change off on each other’s instruments. You will hear a band that is really playing live. The songs are always changing and growing. They don’t play the same songs every night, in fact I don’t think they even have a set list like most bands. This means if you saw them last year they will be dong a whole new group of songs now.

The CD is 79 minutes long. That means only 1 minute of time was not used on the CD. With Lurrie Bell being with them for the last 35 minutes that still leaves 44 minutes of Nick Moss & the Flip Tops. This is almost like getting a double CD for the price of one. If this is not enough you can always pick up the first Live At Chans’ or go to one of their concerts. There you will definitely get a second helping of the combo platter.

Songs played in this weeks podcast:
Try to Treat You Right – 8:04
I Got All Kinds of Love – 4:48
I Wanna Know – 7:37

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Nick Moss & the Flip Tops’ MySpace

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I would like to thank Nick Moss for taking time out from his tour to do this interview.
Thanks also to Kate Moss for all her help in setting everything up.

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