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101 – Ana Popovic – Blind For Love

by A1 Mark on August 20, 2009

Hear Ana Popovic tell about her new CD Blind for Love.

Ana Popovic (pronounced Ah´nah Pop´o vitch) was born in Belgrade, Serbia; formerly Yugoslavia. Her father had to work hard to get his hands on records by Howlin’ Wolf, Albert Collins, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. You probably remember all this from the interview I did back in Oct of 2008 with Ana. At that time Ana talked about her incredible musical journey and her CD Still Making History. Wow, what a story and what a record. If you missed that you really should go back and listen to that also (click here to go to that show).
Ana has done it again with a record of great music, with lyrics of equal value. Ana said her approach on Blind for Love was as if this would be her last record for some reason. What should she make for her fans to hear? The record’s central theme is love. There are some diversions like “Lives That Don’t Exist,” about the crazy world of Hollywood. For the most part the songs are about love relationships.

The title track “Blind for Love” is about how love is all around us, and we need to take the time to love the ones around us, our family and friends. “Part of Me” is about Ana’s son who’s a little over a year old now and travels on tour with her. Ana said this works out very well because during the day she gets to be with him, then at night when she is doing a concert he’s in bed sleeping. She said “Blues for M” is for someone special in her life. The guitar solo was done while the studio was being set up to record. Everyone liked what Ana did so much that she had to leave the song just the way it was, even though the microphones were not all set up just right.

Like Ana’s last record, Still Making History, the new one Blind For Love has many different styles of music on it. Ana’s gift for creating songs, her intense guitar playing, and wonderful voice make this album amazing. This is the first record she has made with her touring band. They did a great job and must be a real treat to see live. In fact they are on tour of the United States right now and will be doing a European tour next.

Ana will also be doing a cameo, along with Mike Zito, in the upcoming movie Spring Break ’83. There is also a Remix single of two songs from Still Making History. “Between Our Worlds” & “Sexiest Man Alive,” and it only costs $1.95 for the download. These were both highlights of the last record, so a remix is very welcomed.
Blind for Love has only been out for a few weeks now but promises to be one of the highs of this year. This CD is available everywhere, so please get out and get your copy so you too can see why everyone is so in love with her music.

Songs in the podcast:
Putting Out the APB
Part of Me (Lullaby for Look)
Lives That Don’t Exist
Blind For Love
Nothing Personal

Ana Popovic’s Website

Ana Popovic’s MySpace

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Remix of “Between Our Worlds” & “Sexiest Man Alive” (only $1.98)

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Thanks to Ana for taking out of her busy day to do this interview.
Thanks as always to Jody Best for all her help in putting everything together, you’re the best.

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