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111 – Quintus McCormick – Hey Jody!

by A1 Mark on October 29, 2009

Hear Quintus McCormick talk about his new Delmark record Hey Jody plus hear songs from the CD.

Delmark Records has been releasing some very well received records this year. As you recalled we spoke to Bob Koester the founder of Delmark Records back in May about their release of 55 Years Of Blues (click here to hear that show). This was a great overview of just some of the great artists that have been on Delmark in the last 55 years. It Ain’t Over: Delmark Celebrates 55 Years of Blues was another version but this time from a live concert celebrating Delmark Records 55 years in the business. Both cds also have DVD’s available to go with them. Eddie C. Campbell came out with the popular Tear This World Up, Zora Young came out with her blend of Chicago blues, gospel, jazz, deep Mississippi blues and country music on The French Connection. Last week they released the much anticipated cd by Tail Dragger called Live at Rooster’s Lounge. I know you haven’t forgotten the great show we had on Shirley Johnson’s record Blues Attack (click here to hear that show). Well now, Delmark Records has outdone themselves with the release of the Quintus McCormick Blues Band’s first record Hey Jody! This is a record that should be on everyone’s play list. With beautiful melodies, fine arrangements, heart felt vocals by Quintus, as well as his beautiful guitar playing this is a CD you will not be able to stop playing. He also wrote or co-wrote fourteen of the fifteen tracks on Hey Jodie. Quintus told me that you have to play from the heart. If you don’t feel it, if you don’t believe what you’re singingabout, people can tell you’re a phony. Quintus is no phony he is the real deal. He has a degree in music and really knows how music works but I really think it’s his loving heart that is speaking more than his knowledge of music theory.

Most of this cd would be considered R&B, with blues and soul influences but what ever category it falls into it’s just beautiful music. The song “Get You Some Business” is about someone fooling around where they shouldn’t be but it’s really just a backdrop to some wonderful music. “All Goes Around Comes Around” has some of Quintus’ most wicked raw guitar playing on the whole record. Hopefully when he plays it live he extends this even more. “Fifty Fifty” is a funky rock song with horns and the lyrics are about a couple who split everything fifty fifty. Quintus’ manager is from Plano, Texas and asked Quintus if he could write a song about the place he was from and that’s how he come up with “Plano Texas Blues”. “I Wasn’t Thinkin” is more of a gospel style song that is very enjoyable to hear. Speaking of enjoyable the record ends with “Let The Good Times Roll”. A fun ending to another wonderful Delmark record.

In this weeks show you will be hearing some of the real gems on Hey Jodie! but there are many more on the record we just didn’t have time to play. Please call your local radio station to request the song “Hey Jodie!” or better yet buy the CD from Delmark Records.

Songs you will hear from the record Hey Jodie!
Get That Money
I’m a Good Man, Baby
You Should Learn from This
You Got to Do Me Better Than That
Hey Jodie! (Take Good Care of My Baby)

Quintus McCormick MySpace

Buy Quintus McCormick’s CD from Delmark Record’s record store Jazz Record Mart

Buy Quintus McCormick’s CD from Amazon.com

I would like to thank Quintus McCormick for taking time to do the interview with me.
Thanks to Kevin Johnson for all his help in setting everything up.

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