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118 – David Gerald – Hell & Back

by A1 Mark on December 17, 2009

This week hear David Gerald talk about his new record Hell and Back.


Recently Breeze who also does a blues show on KCOR Kansas City Online Radio called Kool Breeze & Sizzlin Blues (7pm CST USA time) was telling me about this new cd she was getting good response on by an artist named David Gerald. I had never heard of David but always on the lookout for good blues artists for the show I went to his website. There David has videos of five songs he is performing live. All five songs are covers of pretty much standard blues songs. What got me was how good he did these songs. I was not hearing someone just doing a good copying of a song. It was someone who was feeling the emotion of the songs. It was like you were hearing the songs for the first time. The first one is “I’ll Play the Blues for You” which most people know by Albert King, David’s version is right up there with the King’s. Most of you will remember Taj Mahal or The Blues Brothers doing “She Caught The Katy”. Then “Cold Shot” you will know from Stevie Ray Vaughan’s 1984 record Couldn’t Stand The Weather. David’s version of “Red House” is good but it’s when he does “The Thrill Is Gone” you really get to hear some wonderful music. It’s nine minutes of joy you’ll love. David does some really hot guitar solos on this song.

In this weeks show David Gerald talks about growing up in Detroit and how he started out loving the music of Prince, Michael Jackson and Eddie Van Halen. After having his heart broken over a girl or girls he started understanding the blues more. It was also people like Z.Z. Hill and remembering the artists his parents listened to that got him listening to the blues more and more.

David Gerald’s CD Hell and Back not only has those good live covers I was telling you about but really good studio tracks too. Like “My Guitar” an upbeat blues rockin’ song that will get people out on the dance floor. “Postman” has a steady thumping beat that delivers all the goods to your door. David will tell you about “Hell and Back” in the show but you should know this is a dark and haunting song that will get you wanting to play it over and over again. So the best solution is to go to one of the links below and buy David Gerald’s CD Hell and Back.

Songs on this weeks show:
My Guitar
How I Feel
Hell and Back

David Gerald Website

David Gerald MySpace

David Gerald Facebook

Buy David Gerald’s CD Hell & Back from his Website

Buy David Gerald’s CD Hell & Back from Amazon.Com

Thanks to David for taking the time to let me interview him.

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