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136 – Mississippi Heat – Let’s Live It Up

by A1 Mark on April 27, 2010

This week you will hear Pierre Lacocque of Mississippi Heat talk about their new CD Let’s Live It Up.

About a year ago I did a show on Mississippi Heat’s CD Hattiesburg Blues. Pierre talked about growing up in Europe, Israel, and later coming to Chicago to live.  While going to college in Chicago he discovered blues music. Pierre learned to play the harp, started a blues band, and the rest is history.  Yes, you’re right there is a lot more to it than that.  Click on this link and you can hear Pierre tell the whole story plus some great songs from their last CD Hattiesburg Blues.

This weeks show Pierre will be talking about Mississippi Heat’s CD Let’s Live It Up that just came out this Tuesday.  You are in for some really great Chicago blues music.

Even though Pierre plays harp this is not a harmonica CD.  He writes songs that incorporate everyone in the band so not just one person always takes the solos.  Inetta Visor is the lead singer and boy, this lady can really sing.  Giles Corey really pulls off some very nice guitar solos along with special guest Carl Weathersby and our friend John Primer.  John even sings on three songs.

Once again Mississippi Heat has put out one great CD that you’re going to be hearing a lot of in the next few months.

When you go to buy Mississippi Heat’s CD Let’s Live It Up you might as well pick up the last one Hattiesburg Blues too.  Both CD’s are on the Delmark Label.

Hear these songs from Mississippi Heat’s new CD:
She Died From A Broken Heart
Another Sleepless Night
Peace Train
Let’s Live It Up

Mississippi Heat Website

Mississippi Heat MySpace

Buy Let’s Live It Up! from Amazon.Com

Buy Hattiesburg Blues from Amazon.Com

Check out Delmark Records website for the finest in blues & Jazz since 1953.

Thanks to Pierre Lacocque for an enjoyable interview and thanks to Michel Lacocque for getting everything together for this show.


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