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138 – Moreland & Arbuckle – Flood

by A1 Mark on May 6, 2010

Hear Dustin Arbuckle talk about the new Moreland & Arbuckle CD Flood.

Dustin Arbuckle is of course one half of the band Moreland & Arbuckle. They had a great CD back in 2008 called 1861. The new CD Flood, is just as good with a lot of good harp, blues guitar, and story telling.

The last show I did about the band was with Aaron Moreland the guitarist. This time I thought you might like to hear the other side of the band’s story from Dustin. This is a three piece band with Aaron Moreland on guitars, resonator, cigar box guitar, and banjo. Dustin Arbuckle is on the harp and singing. Both of them do most of the song writing. Brad Horner does a good job as their drummer. Yep, you figured it out there is no bass guitarist in the band and this is just one of the great original things that keep this band so interesting.

Push the play button now and you will enjoy some of the best blues roots you’re going to hear this year.

Songs played in this weeks show:
Bound and Determined
Don’t Wake Me
In the Morning I’ll Be Gone
Before the Flood
18 Counties
What You Gonna Do

Moreland & Arbuckle Website

Moreland & Arbuckle MySpace

Buy Moreland & Arbuckle’s Flood from their website

Thanks to Dustin for letting me interview him and to John Hahn for setting everything up.

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