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146 – Chris James & Patrick Rynn – Gonna Boogie Anyway

by A1 Mark on July 22, 2010

This week hear both Chris James & Patrick Rynn talk about their new cd Gonna Boogie Anyway.

Chris James & Patrick Rynn were on this show back in 2008 talking about their last cd Stop and Think About It. Chris talks this time about how both cd’s are Chicago Blues but, this time around there is a change to Gonna Boogie Anyway.  It’s a little more stripped down including three real nice acoustic numbers with Patrick playing upright bass and Chris doing guitar and vocals.  One of them, “Heading Out West”, really comes off as sounding like there are more musicians playing than there really are. Then they add our old friend David Maxwell on piano for another acoustic number “You Can’t Trust Nobody”.

I was really pleased to hear David Maxwell on four of the numbers then Henry Gray shows up to play piano on four more songs.  Sam Lay even plays on a couple of songs which is very  appropriate because it’s the old blues artists like these that have drawn Chris James & Patrick Rynn to this kind of music.

Most of the songs are by the team of Chris James, Patrick Rynn and Rob Stone with four covers including one by Jimmy Reed and one by Robert Lockwood Jr.  Rob Stone also plays harp and some guitar on both their cd’s.  Be on the lookout for a new cd by Rob Stone called Back Around Here that just came out.

Like their last cd Stop and Think About It the new one Gonna Boogie Anyway is a great Chicago blues cd.  That will be winning a lot of awards because this is some of best Chicago Blues you will hear anywhere.   Chris James & Patrick Rynn are two blues artists we will be hearing a lot more from and that’s a good thing.

Songs in this week’s show:
You Can Trust Nobody  (with David Maxwell)
The Tables Have  Turned   (with David Maxwell)
Headed Out West
Money Don’t Like Me        (with David Maxwell & Sam Lay)
Gonna Boogie Anyway      (with Henry Gray)

Chris James & Patrick Rynn’s Website

Chris James & Patrick Rynn’s MySpace

Buy Chris James & Patrick Rynn’s new cd from Amazon.Com

Thanks guys, it was real fun talking with you again and get to St. Louis sometime.

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