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280 – Dave Fields – Detonation

by A1 Mark on September 13, 2012

Dave Fields grew up with music all around him.  His father is a pianist/composer & arranger that was always working with musicians. Barbra Streisand came over to the house one day to do some recordings.  Dave’s father taught him a lot about music and from listening to this new CD Detonation Dave was an A+ student.  Great burning blues guitars with just the right hint of Jimi Hendrix in some of the songs.  Songs like “Addicted to Fire”, “Pocket Full Of Dust” and “Doing Hard Time” all should be getting a lot of airplay in the weeks to come.  This is a must have CD as you will hear in this weeks show.  Please call your local radio station to request they play songs from Dave Fields’ CD Detonation also any podcast shows you listen to send them an email requesting to hear songs from Detonation.  As a podcaster I know they will be glad to hear you’re interest in hearing Dave Fields new CD.

Dave Fields’ Website

Buy Dave Fields’ CD Detonation from Amazon.Com

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